Green Tip of the Month
Wondering what to do with the Christmas tree and the old televisions, computers, etc. which were upgraded with newer versions this holiday season? The answer is simple – Recycle!!! Helpful tips: To locate your nearest Christmas tree recycling program, use Earth911.com. Click on this link and enter “Christmas trees” in the “recycling centers” box and your zip code or state in the second box: http://www.Earth911.com . In addition, in some areas, community groups, like the Boy Scouts, will pick up the trees from the curbside for a small donation and take them to the nearest recycling center for you. To recycle electronics, visit e-stewards.org to find a responsible recycler. Please note that many groups will say that they recycle electronics – if they are not certified by e-stewards, there is a good chance that the items will not actually be recycled, but will be sent to India, Africa & China where they will be added to the growing piles of global e-waste which is damaging the environment & the health of the individuals tasked with dismantling these electronics.

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