Green Tip of the Month
Save power by turning off office equipment overnight or when not in use. To turn off multiple devices, use a power strip to make it easier. Did you know that computer monitors alone consume 75% of your computer’s energy? To turn off monitors after a period of inactivity, change settings by going to: Start > Control panel > Display > Screen Saver. Click on the button labeled "Power". Under the drop-down list for "Turn off Monitor" select the amount of inactive time you want to allow before your monitor screen goes into hibernation.

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Parking Garage
Prudential Plaza features an on-site, indoor parking garage that allows you to park at your convenience. Located conveniently off of Lower Wacker Drive, tenants enjoy direct access to our parking garage.

Rates for the Parking Garage are as follows:

Less than 30 minutes:


30 minutes to 1 hour


1 hour to 2 hours


2 hours to 4 hours $26.00

4 hours to 12 hours


12 hours to 24 hours $35.00

Early Morning Special: $16.00
In by 8:00 AM, out by 8:00 PM (Monday through Friday)

Evening Special: $14.00
In after 4:00 PM, out by 8:00 AM (Monday through Friday)

Weekend Special (Daily): $15.00
Saturday-Sunday & Holidays

Monthly Parking Rate: $330.00

For more information regarding the Parking Garage, please contact:

Parking Garage Manager:

Date Assadji