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Green Tip of the Month
How do you take your morning coffee – paper or reusable container? Did you know that consumers used 16 billion paper cups? The manufacturing of that many cups uses 6.5 million trees and creates 253 million pounds of waste! Further contributing to their environmental impact is the fact that they are rarely made from recycled paper. A reusable container, on the other hand, can be used repeatedly and, after 50-100 uses, its carbon footprint from manufacturing has been virtually eliminated. And, an added benefit – some coffee companies will give you a small discount for bringing in your own reusable container!

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Car Wash Services
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Prudential Plaza offers Car Wash Services on-site within the Parking Garage.

Rates for Car Wash Services are as follows:


Wash (Interior Vacuum): $15.00
Mid-Size Trucks & SUVs: $17.00
Full-Size Trucks & SUVs $20.00


Wash & Hand Wax: $50.00
Zymol Hand Wax: $60.00
Wash & Wax, High Speed Buff: $80.00
Interior Detail (Wash included): $65.00
Complete Interior & Exterior Detail: $130.00