Green Tip of the Month
Save power by turning off office equipment overnight or when not in use. To turn off multiple devices, use a power strip to make it easier. Did you know that computer monitors alone consume 75% of your computer’s energy? To turn off monitors after a period of inactivity, change settings by going to: Start > Control panel > Display > Screen Saver. Click on the button labeled "Power". Under the drop-down list for "Turn off Monitor" select the amount of inactive time you want to allow before your monitor screen goes into hibernation.

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Car Wash Services
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Prudential Plaza offers Car Wash Services on-site within the Parking Garage.

Rates for Car Wash Services are as follows:


Wash (Interior Vacuum):


Mid-Size Trucks & SUVs:


Full-Size Trucks & SUVs



Wash & Hand Wax:


Zymol Hand Wax:


Wash & Wax, High Speed Buff:


Interior Detail (Wash included): $65.00

Complete Interior & Exterior Detail: