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Older electronic products, at home & at work, are much less efficient than today’s ENERGY STAR models. Continuing to operate these more inefficient products costs you money (higher electric bills) & generates excessive greenhouse gas emissions. To save money & reduce greenhouse gases, consider updating your electronics. And, to be more “green,” please remember that proper recycling of electronic products permanently removes them from the electric grid, conserves resources & makes room for more energy-efficient models. To learn more & to locate recyclers for appliances, bulbs and electronics, click on the link to the ENERGY STAR site: http://www.energystar.gov

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Car Wash Services
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Prudential Plaza offers Car Wash Services on-site within the Parking Garage.

Rates for Car Wash Services are as follows:


Wash (Interior Vacuum): $15.00
Mid-Size Trucks & SUVs: $17.00
Full-Size Trucks & SUVs $20.00


Wash & Hand Wax: $50.00
Zymol Hand Wax: $60.00
Wash & Wax, High Speed Buff: $80.00
Interior Detail (Wash included): $65.00
Complete Interior & Exterior Detail: $130.00