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Green Tip of the Month
For drinking water, try to use alternatives to bottled water such as re-usable/non-disposable metal bottles that can be filled and used repeatedly. If you do choose to drink bottled water, be sure to recycle the glass or plastic bottles. Why? Glass bottles can be recycled an indefinite number of times – and, recycling one glass bottle saves enough electricity to light a compact fluorescent bulb for 20 hours. Conversely, a glass bottle in a landfill can take up to a million years to break down! It is estimated that plastic production accounts for 4% of total electric consumption in the U.S. The oil required to produce plastic water bottles in the U.S. is enough to fuel 100,000 cars per year! So, if you opt for bottled water, please recycle!

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Shuttle Bus Service: The Fleet: fully-electric, zero-emission buses

The combined bus shuttle service of the Prudential Plaza & the Aon Center The Fleet provides tenants with convenience and comfort in their daily commute to and from the Ogilvie, Union, and LaSalle Street train stations. The buses are easy to spot, due to their low slung profile and colorful nautical bus wraps. Each bus has a name on the front of the buses, i.e. Chi-Flux, Chi-Resistor, etc., which makes for easy tracking.

These ten (10) air-conditioned motor coaches can transport 48 passengers, with wide aisles for standing room, and are ADA-compliant for easy wheelchair access. The buses leave at approximately 5 to 10-minute intervals during morning and evening hours. (You may experience delays due to traffic conditions and construction.)

Scheduled bus service is Monday through Friday from 6:15 AM to 9:30 AM and 3:45 PM to 7:30 PM.

Train Station departure and drop-off points for the three Metra train stations are as follows:


LaSalle Street Station: Northwest corner of Van Buren and LaSalle Streets.
Union Station: 225 South Canal Street
Ogilvie Transportation Center: Canal Street, mid-block between Madison and Washington Streets.


Ogilvie Transportation Center: 400 West Madison
Union Station: Clinton entrance to Union Station
LaSalle Street Station: Southeast corner of LaSalle and Jackson Streets

The only departure and drop-off point at Prudential Plaza is outside of the Randolph Street entrance. This stop also serves the Aon Center riders.

The Prudential Plaza and AON Center Bus Shuttles honor tickets from both properties. Tickets are $2.00 per ride, sold in 10-ride increments for $20.00 or 40-ride passes for $80.00. Tickets are non-refundable and do not carry an expiration date. Payment can be made using Prudential Plaza’s mobile application or by purchasing them below. Cash payments are not accepted.

Please click here for the FLEET Brochure


Please follow these steps to purchase shuttle tickets online through ParkMobile:

  1. Visit prudentialplaza.clickandpark.com
  2. Select your ticket quantity. Purchase tickets in 10-4ide or 40-4ide bundles for added convenience.
  3. Because THE FLEET is a tenants-only amenity, you will need an access code: PRUPLAZA
  4. Download the ePermit to your mobile device or print when prompted. This will be your shuttle pass.

GPS Tracking
Wondering whether you have time to grab that cup of coffee? Download the RIDE SYSTEMS app to your iOS or Android device for GPS shuttle tracking and arrival time.
Just look for AON / Prudential The Fleet route.